Global Symbols of Unity & Continental Command Centers

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How are 7Lighthouses™️ considered Global Symbols of Unity?

Although the conventional usage for lighthouses has long since become obsolete due to GPS navigation systems, The Zernach Foundationⓒ plans for lighthouses to become symbols of a brighter future for humanity.

One super-structure lighthouse will be sustainably constructed on each of the seven continents. Each of them will be of an equally-magnificent size, and will be built by allocating an equally-outstanding financial budget. Most importantly: the style of each lighthouse will reflect the style and culture of the people who live on each continent.

For those who are avid world travelers, anxious to explore the world around them, they will one day be able to add an exciting, new adventure to their bucket list: visit each of the 7Lighthouses™️ — similar to the seven wonders of the world, these will become their own, unique classification of globally-recognized sites worth experiencing.

When and where will the 7Lighthouses™️ be constructed?

The first lighthouse will be constructed sometime in 2000s. The precise locations of the 7Lighthouses™️ has yet to be decided — other than, of course, one lighthouse per continent.

To remain in harmony with the conventional usage of lighthouses, they will be constructed very near to bodies of saltwater. It's also worth mentioning that the land upon which they will be built will have to be at a high enough elevation above sea-level to prevent them from eventually being flooded by centuries/millennia of rises in sea-level.

NOTE: The precise locations of the 7Lighthouses™️ has yet to be determined —other than, of course, one lighthouse on each of the seven continents.